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Amazing Marble Dining Tables by Interior Expert Katrina Antonovich

Dining Table Design by Katrina Antonovich


A table made of marble is perhaps one of the most sought-after furniture items for a luxury home. Marble tables are very beautiful, elegant, easy in care and moisture resistant. The marble pattern is unique, each product is the result of the collaboration of nature and our best interior and furniture designer and artist — Katrina Antonovich.

One of the most significant reasons for buying a marble table from Luxury Antonovich Home is that such a table can be installed both in a cozy living room, kitchen or dining room, and outdoor — on an open veranda or gazebo, completely without fear of weather changes, the product will endure them firmly.

Amazing Dining Table Design by Katrina Antonovich

The best interior designer in Dubai, Katrina Antonovich, is able to create a marble table design that will harmoniously fit into the interior of the room, giving it a distinct respectability. And the huge selection of stone provided by our company will allow you to get just such a table or tabletop that you have been dreaming about for so long.


Luxury Antonovich Home is an impeccable guarantee of quality and an individual approach to each project. We are always happy to offer you a huge selection of natural materials (marble, granite, onyx, travertine, quartzite, etc.), as well as help in choosing exactly your stone. We work only with large stone-processors from Italy, who use the latest equipment, which allows us to obtain the ideal quality of surface treatment of premium raw materials.

Top Interior Designer Katrina Antonovich Presents Amazing Dining Tables Design

Want to buy designer marble table in Dubai? Our company, under the leadership of Katrina Antonovich, will help you choose and purchase this chic interior item in the best existing design. We offer you a wide selection of tables, and you can always choose the one that is right for your interior.

The marble table from Katrina Antonovich is an ideal choice, it is the most luxurious and reliable option. In any interior such a table looks relevant and modern, and it won’t go out of fashion for a long time, because your room will always look stylish with such a piece of furniture.

Mable Dining Tables by Katrina Antonovich

You can easily buy marble tables in Dubai thanks to our company. You can choose any form for the table-top. A stone counter top can be: classic rectangular, round or oval, irregular in shape or asymmetric. Tables made of marble have a number of indisputable advantages: environmental friendliness of the material, high wear resistance, resistance to temperature changes, resistance to abrasion. Thanks to these characteristics, our products fully justify their price, serve long and reliable.

Marble Dining Table Design by The Best Furniture Designer Katrina Antonovich

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