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Dubai is one of the most prestigious cities in the world; this is where the riches and famous personalities, as well as Royal families, are residing. Aside from the beautiful city that it is offering, Dubai is known as one of the safest places on earth with a very high reputation for security. No doubt that everyone loves to live in Dubai and to own a property in this beautiful city. Owning residential property in Dubai can be very easy and practical, as long as you choose the right real estate brokers and companies that will be developing the architecture and interior design.

Once you owned a residential property in Dubai, the next move is developing and enhancing the beauty in it. When it comes to interior design development, furniture and decoration, there is one company that has been the most reliable and trusted in Dubai – Luxury Antonovich Design. It has its in-house top professional interior designers, expert architect, and engineers that know it all when it comes to every highest standard of project developments. Luxury Antonovich Design has its own manufacturing and factory for furniture and all types of decorations that are being needed in every project development. Each prestigious item is being showcased at Dubai’s biggest luxury furniture store – Luxury Antonovich Home.

At Luxury Antonovich Home you will find the widest varieties of luxury items from furniture, curtains, joinery, decoration, home accessories, carpets, wall paneling, and more. Luxury Antonovich Home is owned by the most luxurious interior design, Katrina Antonovich, who always assures her signature touches of elegance towards every furniture design and interior setting. Luxury Antonovich Home is also proudly presenting its very own signature luxury furniture collection – the KA Luxury Brand, which is perfectly suitable in every luxury mansion interior design. 

Luxury Antonovich Home KA Furniture
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