Best Interior Design Dubai

Proper Selection of Furniture for the best interior design Dubai

What makes the Interior design to be the best? The answer is simple, as long as the owner feels the best comfort and relaxation as well as the peace of mind in every stay, it can be considered as the best interior design already. This interior design is a great combination of style and trendy decorations. Every area has been filled with a very classy and elegant style. Take a look at the full flooring design and notice how artistic our designers have been created form the special shapes and cuts of carpet design with a 3d look, our team has been conducted a very skillful work and outstanding installations services. Main areas such as the hallways and entrance areas have a very wonderful marble set up.

Another spectacular design arrangement in this interior is how the walls have been designed exclusively with different wall paneling designs, decorations and wall lighting which has been made from Italy and Turkey. This has been considered as one of the best interior design Dubai as it embodies the different forms of art and modern design. We have been implemented a set of luxury furniture brands from the owner’s personal selection. It is also another important fact to consider that the personal points, suggestions, and requirements of the client shall be very well implemented as it will reflect their personality and lifestyle that will bring out the perfect uniqueness towards the full interior set up.

Exclusive Services by Luxury Antonovich Design to achieve the Best Interior Design Dubai

  • Proper space planning
  • Developing the Layout appropriately
  • Professional Design Implementations
  • Selection of Premium class furniture design
  • Delivery on Time
  • Supervision during the actual work
  • Furniture and all Decorations installations
  • Furniture fixing and final touches
Luxury Antonovich Home KA Furniture
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