Best Interior Designer in the Middle East – Katrina Antonovich

Furniture Selection Tips by Katrina Antonovich

Selecting the right furniture design was indeed one of the most challenging tasks in developing a project. It takes a very systematic and methodological procedure that only experts have the full ability to perform. Selecting the right furniture design should also consider the complete project procedure and its requirements such as the concept design, the size of the project, and the complete structural needful. In this article, one of the most prestigious Architect and best interior designers in the Middle East – Katrina Antonovich has shared her expert solutions on how to select the right furniture design for every project.

Katrina Antonovich has been running her self-owned Architecture and interior design firm based in Dubai – Luxury Antonovich Design for decades already. Her expertise and professionalism have brought up to international level her masterpieces and amazing work of art that has been set very high standards globally. Indeed, Katrina Antonovich has become the world’s trendsetter when it comes to every architecture and interior design works which has led her to open her own Luxury Furniture Store – Luxury Antonovich Home that will feature her signature design creations. Luxury Antonovich Home is the biggest luxury furniture store in Dubai which also features different types of signature luxury brands.

Furniture selection for every client of Luxury Antonovich Design has brought out an extra convenience and hassle-free experience towards the full project development. As every luxury project design will surely accomplish exactly the same design from the renders and proposed setting. Another great advantage that the Luxury Antonovich Design offers is that it has its own manufacturing and factory for furniture and complete decorations needed in every project execution. All the prestigious furniture that is being featured at Luxury Antonovich Home is also available for online shopping and can be shipped internationally as it has the most reliable logistic team that has the full ability to perform all the expert procedures.

As the best interior designer in the Middle East, Katrina Antonovich always advises selecting the best design team that has the full capacity to perform the exact project design requirement accordingly. To achieve the right furniture design and the arrangement of interiors as required will surely transform every project into the most desirable design. Most importantly, in selecting every interior design concept and furniture design, it is very important to consider the personality and lifestyle of the owner/ client to achieve the most remarkable style and naturally exquisite design.

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