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Best Interior Designer UAE

Most Luxurious Interior Design Setting – Made by the Expert

Luxury Antonovich Home is always making sure that in every interior design arrangement that it is handling there will be a significant design and style that makes it extra special and standout. We are always making sure to bring out the best interior design in the UAE by creating a style that will be visually remarkable and unique. That is why Luxury Antonovich Home has been the Team which is the best interior designer UAE. We always execute very special design implementations and executions as well as the very skillful work that represents the most elegant and attractive style.

From the systematic planning and arrangement of the layout, up to the design implementations and fit-out work. The full interior design setting of this project defines luxury and elegance as we have carefully selected each and every decorations and furniture that will be part of this interior design. Let start with the selection and design implementations for the full flooring statement of this project;

Flooring Design – As the Best interior designer UAE, Luxury Antonovich Home carefully studies all the angles and design possibilities that we can mold to create the best flooring design. The main areas are filled with luxurious marble with a great combination of solid gold color and white with detailed linings. Some of the major areas such as the living rooms and bedrooms have very stylish execution as we have performed the same level platform for the carpets and the marble which only experts can do

Furniture Selection – It has been such a great advantage that the Luxury Antonovich Home has its own manufacturing and factory for all types of’ furniture design, decorations, and all interior design materials needs. It has also the great ability to perform customized furniture design that creates every interior design extra unique. All the furniture, decorations, and home accessories in this Interior design has been very well selected from the great combination of the client’s requirements and the ideal interior design expertise of the team. As we have been considered as the best interior designer in the UAE, we made sure that the full interior design will be filled with the most luxurious and elegant decorations and style.

Walls – These are special parts on this interior which we have been created a very wonderful presentation of wall design as we have installed a luxurious wall paneling design and decorations as well as special wall lighting. Gypsum works are creatively installed and design that made it looks so attractive and lively.

Ceiling – The Luxurious interior design will never be completed without the shine and elegance from the hanging chandeliers and special lighting presentation. We have designed and installed a set of modern lighting effect as well as luxurious chandelier design which is perfectly suitable with the entire interior design arrangement and concept.

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