If you’re up to some home renovations and remodeling, then you have to be careful in choosing your furniture pieces to make your home look more elegant. Once you have decided on how to decorate your home, our team will help you with the options you have—the types of furniture and the different kinds of furniture pieces. We want to make sure that you make the best decisions when it comes to decorating your home. Our company Luxury Antonovich Design creates amazing pieces that will create an impact on your home's decor. No matter what your style is, our team will ensure the elegance and luxurious feel of your home design. Home furnishing pieces come in different shapes and sizes, it also serves a vital function around the home. Our amazing team designs for different aspects such as utility, for comfort, and even for aesthetics and style. Every piece of furniture that you have in your home says a lot about you as a person.


Living Room is the main focal point of your home. It is a gathering spot which allows you to entertain guests and family members for gatherings and parties. Our team will help you have a gracious living room space that is both practical and beautiful. We create a space where your guests can be able to maneuver comfortably to keep your home cozy yet airy and roomy. There is a wide range of sofa pieces that you can choose from, our team does not only help you with your interior needs but we can also customize each piece of your furniture to have a custom fit design in your home. 


Everyone loves an exquisite custom furniture piece. Our company creates custom luxury furniture design that is exquisite, classic, sophisticated and vintage all rolled into one. The custom luxury furniture designs are brilliant as it sets the mindset of vintage. You would love to see how amazing our creations are. This custom luxury furniture designs by Luxury Antonovich Design is anything but wonderful, sophisticated and luxurious. The colors that we use for each custom luxury furniture designs always goes well with how the interior is made and designed. We make sure that each furniture that is purchased from us are worthy of our client's budget. In addition to these sets, we make sure that every set is accompanied by colorful and playful throw pillows to add depth and texture to each furniture. Each designer piece is unique and elegant. We create such perfectly crafted furniture pieces that you will surely love. We try to design each piece with beautification and elegance. With class and utmost style, our pieces of furniture create an amazing balance in your home's interior design.