Chandelier and Lighting Production by Luxury Antonovich Home

Let us lighten up the room luxuriously by our very own collection of Glamorous Chandelier. The Luxury Antonovich Design has its very own Chandelier and lighting factory in Italy. We have our international chandelier and lighting designers which are the great authors of this magnificent collection of Chandelier. From the Factory, all our finished products have been carefully shipped to display in our showroom for the client presentation likewise how we deliver every chandelier in our clients home according to their selected order.

 How To Pick The Perfect Chandelier

Chandeliers are the perfect way to complete the interior design of your home and bring out the drama. It is very important that once you have entered your home, you will feel the extra luxury and comfort with the cozy effect that the perfect lightings that the chandelier brings. This Chandelier Collection by The Luxury Antonovich Home not only brightens up the whole space but also adds grace and elegance to the entire house. It is always important to consider the size of the room or any part of the house where you will be placing the chandelier. However, The Luxury Antonovich Home will help you to select the perfect chandelier that will match the interior design of your house according to its concept design. This Collection is consisting of a very wide variety of Chandelier Collection. The best example to provide the perfect brightness to your interior design is in the form dangling crystals and a shimmering mirrored base lightings that add up the correct touch of elegance and flair to a classical dining room or a classy living room. Selecting the Chandelier color and material will be used to consider the existing interior design of the house such as the color and materials for the walls and the furniture surrounding the room that shall be perfectly matched with the chandelier to select.

 Customized Chandelier

The Luxury Antonovich Home is very famous in the international market doing customized furniture and design for every client. And now we are very glad to inform our dear followers, clients, and customers all over the world that we are also specializing in the chandelier customizing that will suit every interior design Requirement. Customized Chandeliers is currently in demand with our international clients for residential, commercial and mostly for Hotel and Restaurants.

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