Luxurious Console Collection

The Luxury Antonovich Home is proudly presenting the Luxury Console Collection. Every piece of decoration embodies a big part for every interior Design that is why the Luxury Antonovich Home Team has been extended its capacity to create very unique pieces that will complete every home to be Luxurious with the great impact for the entire space. Every piece is made up of premium class materials to achieve world-class finishing and style. Every detail of the console design has been carefully created to be luxurious and to achieve the most prestigious finishing.

Trendy and Classy Console Design

The use of the metallic materials brings out a prestigious effect for every console design. From this collection, we can see how the designer has been very creative when it comes to combining the precise details and achieve a classy effect in every finishing. The black and gold combination gives a very elegant effect that can be easily matched to any interior design and decoration. On this collection, it is very noticeable how creative and professional the designers are as they have been executed very unique and stylish details for the metallic works. These classy console pieces are exclusive can be found in Luxury Antonovich Home as it promises nothing but the best and Luxurious design for every Client. The very genius idea combining the artistic marble top and metallic materials features how magnificent a console can be. As this collection can be easily mixed and match with the interior design for any concept design.

From Meticulous Production to Proper Assembling Execution

Having its own Manufacturing and Production Team has become the greatest advantage of the Luxury Antonovich Home. Aside from the fact that it has world-class furniture designers, everything will be perfectly arranged as it has its Top Notched Interior Design as well. Every details and material of the console have been always created with passion and style towards every design. As the production team continuously studying and extending its capacity to produce every special console design, It always ensures that every finishing embodies a luxurious with a premium quality to exceed every client satisfaction.

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