The Luxury Antonovich Home has been started to showcase the widest variety of Curtain design collections that will surely suit every concept design of your house. We have the greatest line up of the professional Production and design The team that is making sure that all the Curtain is made up of the premium class fabrics, silk, and materials. Most of the special design and customized curtains which is usually made up with beautiful embroidery associated with very nice accessories. From the curtain selection up to the Delivery and installation, The Luxury Antonovich Home will make sure that every curtain that you have avail will be perfectly installed to your Home Perfectly as you wanted.

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It is always very important to achieve the perfect coziness having the most accurate blend of the Curtain design and color into its entire interior design. For Indoor curtains, we are always considering the thickness of the silk, with an optional blackout lining, or a cotton-linen blend for maximum opacity. The Luxury Antonovich Home has a different selection for Blackout curtains as well which is usually used for huge bedroom windows. Of all the places in the home, the bedroom is the most obvious choice for blackout curtains. These don't have to be your usual dark colors - because of the blackout lining, Ou Interior Designers and Consultants is always ready to help you choose any color, that suits to your taste as curtains are made with a cotton-linen blend for ultimate quality and style.



Once you select your Curtain Design, our interior designers and consultants are ready to help give the perfect advise that you will likely need a rod and bracket to install them. The Luxury Antonovich Home offers an array of different style and collection with different shades, style, and thickness. We also have a special type of Classical design of curtains in antique bronze, pewter, nickel, and brass will go a long way to add that special touch to your window. Whether you're looking for a full blackout curtain, a breezy sheer option, or a full-on drape to protect your windows, The Luxury Antonovich Home has all that you need for window treatments, with styles and functions that will suit any area of the home.

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