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A sense of taste, sophistication, a sense of style — this is something that cannot be faked, because such qualities are instilled from early childhood. When parents surround the child with the best things, taking care that their room finds a luxurious atmosphere — it is safe to say that they will raise a real aesthete. Exclusive children's furniture will be able to give your baby that coziness and comfort that contributes to the proper development and growth. These are exquisite furnishings that will teach the baby to love the beautiful, and in many ways will determine the future understanding of the quality of life.

That is why the elite designer children's furniture offered by KA Furniture store is manufactured in the strictest accordance with international standards. All materials used in the manufacture of our furniture for children undergo special control. This applies to the upholstery of upholstered furniture, and solid wood, from which cabinets and dressers are made, bed frames and work surfaces of desks.


Luxury Antonovich Home is proud to offer luxury children's furniture for the smallest. These are cribs for newborns, changing tables, dressers and wardrobes for baby's things. Of course, you can buy designer furniture for a children's room for older children. You can assemble your own nursery from various objects, or you can purchase the entire kit, made in the same style.

Collections of children's designer furniture differ from the “adult” options, perhaps only in design. The same thoroughness in the elaboration of every detail, the same opportunity to choose from different styles — classic or art deco or high-tech, the same variety of shapes and colors!


KA Furniture store offers you a catalog of unique designer products that will turn an ordinary children's room into a real fairy room, where the child will be interested in spending time. Understanding all the responsibility, we were very careful about the selection of our assortment. Our offer is modern exclusive furniture, the reliability of which cannot be called into question.

Caring for children, the most valuable and sincere customers, KA Furniture store offers products tailored to their age requirements. Ergonomic upholstered and cabinet furniture awaits you, taking into account the needs of the child. Each designer's work, made in the optimal color scheme and sustained in its own style.

What does the buyer gain with our designer furniture? The answer is obvious: quality, reliability, style. In addition, children's furniture by Luxury Antonovich Home is popular by:

— warranty for operation;

— high quality materials, assembly and decoration (mainly high-quality wood is used);

— maximum comfort, because every detail is thought out, ergonomic, so that the child feels comfortable;

— safety, European standards and quality checks do not bypass a single unit of production;

— unique design and luxurious atmosphere of the children's room.

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