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Stylish Collection of Sofa for your Restaurant

The sofa can be considered as one of your Restaurant Decoration already, however, it can be used for coaches for the tables also. Using sofa chairs in the restaurant will consume more space for the area that is why it is very important to select an accurate sofa design and sizes for the restaurant. The Luxury Antonovich Home has been recently showcased the latest collection for the Sofa Design for the restaurant. It was carefully crafted with full of class and stylish that will surely decorate the restaurant amazingly. Every material up to the finishing has been very well assembled. Our Furniture a designer has been selected the premium class fabrics, leather, and perfect polishing. This collection is more on modern and classical design however; we are proudly introducing it into the international market. We made it sure that all of this collection is very stylish that will perfectly fit any concept design your restaurant is.

 Hear It From The Expert!

Since the Luxury Antonovich Design has its very own Factory for furniture’s in Italy and Turkey. We can easily close deals from the international market with restaurant furniture such as sofa requirement. The Luxury Antonovich Home can able to produce a bulk order from international clients with the assurance to meet the deadline to finish the production. We also have a very professional Team that can able to deliver all the furniture international. We can also do the installation and fixing service for every client. To make sure that the selected Sofas is perfectly suited to the restaurant; we have a very professional interior designer that will guide every restaurant owner from the beginning of planning up to the supervision of delivery for the Restaurant Sofa as well as for the entire furniture for the restaurant.

Luxury Antonovich Home KA Furniture
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