Wall Decorations

Wall Decoration

There will be a huge classification when we say Wall decoration; it can be Wall Painting, Wall art pieces, Wall Papers, Wall Frames, Wall Mirrors, Clock, Photos, and Wall Lightings. These mentioned Decorations will complete your interior design with the most satisfying appearance that will fulfil your eyes. The Luxury Antonovich Home is showcasing different wall painting design from all sorts of International artist. There are also more varieties of wall art pieces which are commonly made up of metallic materials, curvy wooden pieces, and glass. Wall Papers embodies a big part for the wall decoration as it covers the entire wall of every area. The Luxury Antonovich Home Team will be helping you to select the most appropriate and correct wallpaper design that will perfectly suit the entire interior design of your house. One of the greatest wall decorations that lightens up the mood of the entire place is Wall lighting. With its different sorts of design, artistic cut and sizes will bring out the coziness of the entire area. After you enjoy selecting the wall decoration for your home, we will be providing you worry-free services as we are going to deliver every piece to your home, do the installation and fixing as you wish. Indeed the Luxury Antonovich Home is your one-stop shop for all types of the wall the decoration that you need.


In Luxury Antonovich Home you can find an assortment of art pieces ranging from traditional portraits, Modern style wall decorations, Arabic Style wall paintings and nature scenes to more abstract, geometric prints. There is also different art framed pieces or canvas options lets you get the look that's right for your room. Along with different varieties of art, you can find artistic cuts of mirrors in dozens of different sizes, styles, and frames. The Luxury Antonovich Home also aim for an American regency inspired look or keep it simple with natural wood frames. The use of the Metallic elements and faux-finished styles round out or collection can be very helpful also to complete the interior design of your home as you are to remain to love the complete surroundings of your home

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