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The World-Class Variant of Wall Panelling Design

Welcome to the widest range of wall paneling design wherein the general interior design of your home is the Priority to decorate from Flooring, Walls up to the ceiling. Either concept design your house has, The Luxury Antonovich Home surely has something amazing that will suit to your interior design.

The Luxury Antonovich Home Provides the following to be able to decorate your walls using our exclusive selection of Wall Panelling design;


Wall Panelling Production

The Luxury Antonovich Home has its own Factory which is continuously producing the artistic design of Wall paneling which supplies international client. We have our own panel moldings and a very professional Production team that is doing all the production procedures. Our Designers also have extended their capacity in studying the international standards and trend for wall paneling making and design. Since that the Luxury Antonovich Home is doing the complete panel moldings are a great value way to create a bespoke feature. Our very skilled team is doing all the creative cut strips of material to form a square or rectangular frame shapes. We can also add embellishment in decorative corners. We can absolutely able to create exactly the correct sizes and shapes for every part of your house and because we are using the highest standards of sheets of material, these wall panel moldings can also be remarkably cost-effective. Let us help you to raise the wall panel design in your house to make it looks more impressive and luxurious.

All of these decorative wall paneling options are made from premium class materials. These are installed with solidified expanded foams with outer polished surfaces that reproduce the look and ambiance of traditional and luxurious materials.

For more options absolute wall paneling advice, we are happy to inform you that our team is always ready to serve you. As our team is very expert in advising how you can best achieve your desired feature having this amazing design of wall paneling.

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