The Wardrobes Production by Luxury Antonovich Home

As part of the expansion of the service for the complete Architectural and interior design solution of the Luxury Antonovich Team. We are very glad to introduce to our international followers, Clients and customers our newly operated Showroom – The “KA” Katerina Antonovich Showroom located at the heart of the city in Dubai. As we are showcasing the widest variety of Luxurious Collection for the Furniture, Home Accessories, Curtains, Fabrics, and complete joinery works, we are doing the full service for the wardrobe works from its production, assembling stages, Designing technique, carving, up to the delivery and installation on every project. We can do all kinds of an exclusive design for the wardrobes as well as doing a customized wardrobes design.

 How to Design Your Own Wardrobe?

The wardrobe is the most loved space that you have allotted for yourself inside your home. In fact, it is mostly inside your bedroom or next to your own bathroom. It is considered as your best friend in your house as it is the keeper of your personal things that you loved the most including jewelry, clothes, shoes, bags and another set of important things in your life. That is why is always need to be designed appropriately according to your personality and lifestyle. The Luxury Antonovich Home is ready to help you designing your own Wardrobe or better yet to provide you the best advice and selection of materials and finishing achieving your most desired wardrobe design. Since that the Luxury Antonovich home is providing the full service for the complete wardrobe services. Our Interior designers and consultants can able to study your area very well to be able to deliver the full execution accordingly. The greatest news is that we have our delivery team who can do the full delivery services on time directly to your home. We will do the full installation and fixing also for a hassle-free experience only by the Luxury Antonovich Home.

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