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Chest of Drawers and Dressers — Exquisite Storage Elements For Your Home


Dressers and chest of drawers is a very stylish and practical piece of furniture that can easily fit into the interior of any room: from hallway to bathroom. It takes up little space due to its compactness, but at the same time it will decorate it and make it original, and it will also contain a lot of useful and necessary things at hand.

Katrina Antonovich And Designer Dressers And Chest Of Drawers

Since the chest of drawers is an important element of storage, no living room or bedroom can do without it. When choosing a chest of drawers, pay attention to the dimensions so as not to miss the size.

To choose a stylish, comfortable and roomy chest of drawers is not an easy task. Dressers by KA Furniture brand will bring variety to any of your room. Each furniture, whether it is a TV stand or bedroom set, is made of high-quality solid wood. The author’s design makes each chest of drawers unique in its execution.

Dresser is the most convenient storage system and is ideal for the bedroom and living room, like all bedside items. A good chest of drawers is distinguished by competent elements, such as:

  • quality wood;
  • geometric lines;
  • spaciousness;
  • and affordable price.


In the catalog of our KA Furniture store you can find both standard chests of drawers and wooden chests with glass shelves. Strong and durable frames of modular furniture will provide long-term service for many years. Choosing designer dressers in Dubai, it is worth deciding on the installation location, style, color palette:

— attached and wall-mounted models look good in a modern interior, in rooms with open space. A great option for small living rooms, hallways and common rooms;

— designer dressers with a large number of niches, in a combination of white and wood, — a classic for a light, laid-back mood;

— chest of drawers in the performance of wood and metal — for the Scandinavian style, loft;

— textured surfaces, relief, structured look harmonious with hi-tech, constructivism, aesthetics of fusion style.

Original furniture and an individual approach by KA Furniture brand to its design and placement will help make the house truly cozy. Fans of unusual ideas should think about the possibility of manufacturing custom-made furniture. We offer an extensive selection of original designer dressers, among which you will certainly find your own. Design furniture at the right price is not a myth at all. We will take care of the delivery of your order in Dubai and even throughout the UAE.

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