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Classical Interior Design Dubai

Classic Interiors Dubai By Luxury Antonovich Home

Luxury Antonovich Home has been very well known as the best provider of the most elegant style of classical interiors Dubai. It has been very well executed most of the luxurious projects which have been located in the prime areas of Dubai and is owned by the VIP and highly known personalities in the Country. That is another reason why the Luxury Antonovich Home team is always making sure to execute the highest level of working performance with international guidelines and standards. It has been such a great advantage for the Luxury Antonovich Home to have its own Furniture Showroom in Dubai which is the KA Furniture Showroom Dubai that is showcasing the high-end classical furniture design that completes every classic interior Dubai.

KA Furniture Showroom Dubai is not a typical Furniture Showroom that sells furniture but also the best provider of the Interior design Dubai in a Classical Design Concept. We have our in-house interior designers and project managers who are always ready to assist every client in our showroom and provide the full services to achieve the best interior design in Dubai. Our team will be carefully studying the layout of every client’s project and do the professional developments to be able to execute the most accurate arrangement for the classical interior design Dubai. We do the special attention id doing the space planning to achieve the most accurate and balanced spaces and design towards every area.

When it comes to the implementations of a classical interior design Dubai, our team is always making sure to perform the right blend of hues and style that will represents the most functional interior design set up. One of the most challenging task for the full interior design team is to perform the most accurate set up of every interior design Dubai according to the 3D visualization that has been approved by the client. When it comes to that important matter, the Luxury Antonovich home is always making sure to perform 100% accuracy in all style and design presentation in every angle of the full interior set up.

Luxury Antonovich Home KA Furniture
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