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Decor Dubai: Designer Advice by Katrina Antonovich

Katrina Antonovich Presents Luxury Home Decor And Accessories Dubai


Interior design accessories are auxiliary things that do not have specific functional tasks, it is quite possible to live without them, but you cannot do without them. It is these decorative items that fill a small room in modern style or a luxurious home with a lively atmosphere. These lovely things determine the individual style of their masters.

Well-known interior designer Katrina Antonovich offers a wide selection of decorative accessories for your home. We will help you choose them according to your taste and preferences, as well as:

Home Decor by Katrina Antonovich

  • The size of the space.

Interior accessories and decor should correspond to the size of the room: in a small room a huge picture will be inappropriate. But many small details will only visually reduce the space. It is necessary to choose several proportionate unusual design accessories and decor for the interior, such as a vase or table lamp, pillows of an unusual shape.

Interior Accessories by Katrina Antonovich


  • General interior style.

Katrina Antonovich advises to complete small decor items according to some general characteristics and arrange them in a certain order. For example, designer pictures or photographs can be framed in the same frames and placed symmetrically on the wall.

Luxury Decor by Katrina Antonovich

  • Emphasis.

To highlight the nuances of the room, it is better to use large objects in form: clocks, lamps with interesting lampshades, floor vases.

  • Color scheme.

For harmony in your interior, Karina Antonovich suggests coordinating the color of decorative details with the main color of the interior.

Stylish Decor for Your Interior by Katrina Antonovich

You need to know the laws of design, but you can violate them in your own living space so that the design decor of the interior reflects only your personal essence. Exclusive designer items by Luxury Antonovich Home will be a worthy decoration of any interior. Our company, under the leadership of Katrina Antonovich, designs and manufactures original decor items that play a useful role in your home. All our products are durable and practical. It was created with design inspiration and is designed to become a pleasant accent in the space of your apartment, and its price is justified by high quality. In our company you will find not only useful decor and accessories for your home, but also interesting gifts for loved ones — relatives, colleagues, friends or partners. In case of any difficulties with the selection, our consultants will gladly help you.

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