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Designer Chandeliers — Fabulous Emphasis Of Home Interior


Today, it is almost impossible to imagine a modern living space without a chandelier, since it is not only a functional light source, but also a decorative element of the interior design. Different in design, technical characteristics, materials and style, our lighting devices by Luxury Antonovich Home are pleasing to the eye, and give a good mood, while conscientiously performing their functional duties.

Modern chandeliers play a crucial role in creating the atmosphere and mood of your home. Lighting can hide the disadvantages of the room, and highlight the advantages with special emphasis. In Luxury Antonovich Home showroom, you can buy original and high-quality chandeliers that can not only create an atmosphere of comfort and warmth, but also effectively illuminate any room.

Designer chandeliers by Luxury Antonovich Home can be called a true work of art. In a rich variety of design lighting devices, each of our chandelier models is an exclusive, unique and sophisticated product that fully corresponds to its price. The broad catalog of Luxury Antonovich Home showroom includes the strict spirit of the classics, modern styles and the unexpected, bohemian combination of completely different stylistic trends.


Luxury Antonovich Home chandeliers are elite chandeliers, they vividly demonstrate the author’s ideas, European quality from natural materials and high-tech products, a universal approach to use, starting with general lighting of the space and ending with a focused light flux to a specific area of the room. Any of our products will emphasize the idea of the designer — will make a good emphasis on the interior. The designer chandelier by Luxury Antonovich Home will become an integral part of the decor in your living room, create a romantic atmosphere in the bedroom, give a characteristic look to the kitchen, give an impetus to the imagination in the children’s room — this is a necessary object of any room, and it depends on how the interior of your house or apartment looks. In accordance with the design, creative chandeliers by Luxury Antonovich Home are divided into two types: suspensions and ceiling products.

Chandeliers-suspensions are in great demand due to the huge variety of shapes and sizes, as well as the ability to control the length of the suspension, affecting the saturation of light rays, and the length allows you to create a different spirit of illumination — festive, intimate or romantic.

The design of the ceiling chandeliers is different in that they are attached directly to the ceiling. This light option is ideal for rooms with low ceilings, often used in the nursery and hallway. Typically, the ceiling chandelier has a single design, more rarely — includes several segments, often has the shape of various geometric figures, the most common materials are glass and plastic, and the ceiling lamps are rich in all sorts of shades, colors and unusual patterns.

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