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Designer Flower Vase — Decor for Any Taste and Style


Decorative flower vase is not only an elegant accessory decorating the interior, it is also a necessary thing in the household. Vases occupy one of the key places in interior decoration of rooms, since in addition to the aesthetic function, room decoration also has a practical application in the form of the ability to store fresh flowers and floral arrangements. This combination has turned the vase into a full-fledged decoration element, with which you can correctly place accents, decorate and revitalize the interior. Decorative vases are also used for dried flowers, peacock feathers and other decorative elements. Beautiful glass vases, porcelain vases by Luxury Antonovich Home, polymer or ceramic — all of them are great helpers in creating original interior compositions and accents.

Katrina Antonovich - Best Designer Of Decorative Vases

Vases by KA Furniture come in two forms:

  • table vase — a vessel that is diverse in shape, material, color, which is usually decorats tables, chests of drawers, cabinets and shelves;
  • floor vases — their height is more than 50 cm, they are placed only on the floor, come in various shapes, made of wood, ceramics, glass, metal.


According to its purpose, a flower vase should be filled with something, decorate and be in harmonious unity with flowers or other designer accessories. Typically, the filling is selected based on the form. For a small number of flowers or twigs, a narrow elongated vase is suitable. And for a magnificent bouquet it is better to use a round pot-bellied one. For low-growing primroses, low rounded jugs and flat flowerpots are ideal. Wildflowers (chamomiles, bell flowers) are best stored in expensive heavy products. Tulips will look beautiful in a glass vessel of round or square shape. The design of vase must be combined with the interior, it can be traditional or have an unusual look, striking the imagination. Material of manufacture also matters. Metal and ceramics will look great in classic interior, while clay, ceramic and porcelain products will decorate the ethnic design.

Are you interested in extraordinary approaches to the final interior decoration? Choose colored vases or handmade vases of an unusual shape by KA Furniture showroom. As for the choice of color, it largely depends on the overall color of the room and color accents. We have vases for any color scheme and on any budget. KA Furniture offers not just ordinary vases, but truly high-quality and expertly executed products.

Before buying a flower vase in a store, Luxury Antonovich Home designers recommend making a decision using the above characteristics and parameters. To buy or order a decorative flower vase in Dubai (UAE), which will decorate your interior and diversify your decor at an attractive price, you can visit our KA Furniture showroom. Because, with us you will surely find the desired sample, and experienced consultants will help in this.

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