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Designer Furniture That Simplifies Creation Of Luxury Interior


What is the uniqueness of Luxury Antonovich Home service? Why will the Dubai consumer choose us, and not some other online store for furniture, decor and textiles? Everything is very simple. KA Furniture showroom makes the process of choosing, combining and buying interior items pleasant and easy. We make it easy to create an interior from scratch, as well as complement existing ones. Due to the fact that most products are grouped in collections, they are easy to combine with each other, which greatly simplifies the creation of a space that meets all your needs. You can buy modular furniture from us, presented in the form of ready-made compositions or make your own selection of various items.

Katrina Antonovich And KA Furniture Showroom

KA Furniture service is convenient both for those who want “all at once”, namely, having seen the idea of decorating a room, completely transferring it to their living space, and for those who are interested in assembling their interior in small things: from a cabinet to a vase on a coffee table and pillows on the sofa. In addition, if you do not know how to properly zon the room or correctly arrange furniture, here you will get a lot of ideas and get a lot of inspiration. Having brought something from our assortment into your home, you will make it more stylish and comfortable.


Furniture made of high-quality and expensive materials is a stylish piece of furniture that will serve as a real decoration for your living room, bedroom or kitchen. How do elite collections differ from standard models? Every detail is carefully thought out, materials of exceptional quality are used, and experienced designers of KA Furniture are working on the appearance.

We develop our products using various materials from traditional natural ones — stone, metal, wood, fabric, to the latest — tempered glass, polycarbonate, polypropylene. Elegance, functionality and durability are the main design elements of our furniture products. We always use only the best quality raw materials and high technology for the manufacture of our products. KA Furniture offers a unique product to all our customers in order to ensure a comfortable life and workspace. Our design team creates furniture, lighting and decor according to the design concept, which is present as leading destinations around the world. We bring a piece of our soul to each product, we are proud of what we do and what we have already achieved. We promise that we will always keep the quality of our products at a high level.

Saving time and energy, you create your comfortable space with us with pleasure and for affordable money!

Luxury Antonovich Home KA Furniture
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