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Extra Stunning Wide Range of Luxury Piano


Luxury Antonovich Home continues to innovate to give the best living experience for everyone. Bet it interior design, furniture, or fit-out; we do all kinds of design to cater to the fast-moving world. But it doesn’t end there. The team also offers a wide range of piano for music enthusiasts. Our take on design is simple: it must be luxurious. All our projects are created to give elegance and luxury to the homeowners. We have a lot of designs available for the family. The team of Luxury Antonovich Home is not only capable of doing the usual. Our huge group of designers has also mastered the art of curating the best equipment for your home. In this article, you will see the elegance of having a piano in your room. The pianos that we have produced, randing from the simplest to the most detailed, are all created for the music lovers who want to add luxury and extravagance to their homes. 

Katrina Antonovich - Designer for Piano

We value everyone’s talent; hence we created this piano masterpiece to have a space for relaxation and talent learning. Glass and white; everything that you could ask for in a luxury piece. This design, headed by the company’s head Katrina Antonovich, was made in the most luxurious way. The glass base is super stunning and it is partnered with gold wheels. You would want to have this design transferred to your sofa or bed, don’t you? This royal piano is also partnered with extra elegant glass and white chair that goes perfectly to the overall design and theme of the beautiful masterpiece piano.

Everything about this piano is done in a creative way to provide the extreme luxury and beauty that the homeowners would long for. The piano is also designed with embellishments that are made supreme and would definitely up the design. The clean and neat look is partnered with a luxurious and detailed plan. In this way, the most amazing and the most beautiful piano will be provided to the owners. Luxury Antonovich Home knows your style and we will review it carefully to have a design that would match your personality and vibes.

In the other photos, you will see how the white piano goes pretty well with everything that is created in the interior design. The furniture arrangement helps the piano to stand out. The overall theme of the interior is luxury gold and the company captures that addition of the piano perfectly. The brown, white and gold color combination made the room more luxurious and intriguing. Staying in this room is like staying in an upscale hotel with all the beauty and luxury.

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