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High Quality Upholstered Furniture by KA Furniture


Luxury Antonovich Home can transform your home into a whole new place through our talented and professional designers and furniture makers. We do extensive research and have a broad style guide to help you achieve that home that you have always wanted. Our designs range from any theme: be it minimalistic or complex, we have it here in our company. The creations are superb and the details are spot on. Every corner is studied carefully to have a room full of surprises. We have a good approach in design making and we do it extensively. Luxury Antonovich Home is spearheaded by the top furniture homemaker, Katrina Antonovich, and her team. Because of her excellent skills and huge knowledge in home furniture design, we can come up with royal furniture creations that could be considered a masterpiece. The approach of Luxury Antonovich Home is superior to everyone. High-quality brands from the KA Furniture team are created to have a meaningful furniture piece. The creations go a long way and the masterpieces that were created are applauded across the globe.

Katrina Antonovich - Luxury Designer for High Quality Furniture

The combination of gold and brown is seriously stunning. It could be too dark for some people but when done right, it could turn into an extraordinary piece of work. The design in this stunning home incorporated upholstered furniture pieces that are cool and stunning. The bed cover in the red pattern is amazingly created with its colors being patterned between the two. The brown chairs are in plain color and the solid color of brown looks stunning. The brown marbled flooring is superb. It is unique and custom made for this bedroom. The furniture creations in this room are mastered with the right details and top-notch materials. All the elements in the furniture are meticulously done and the team has studied the best placement and positioning of each furniture. The royal furniture design is topped with perfect color combination to streamline the luxury in this bedroom interior design. Furniture is created stunningly to have a room full of warmth and luxury vibes. From the chairs to the bed, to the masterpieces on the wall, the room turned into a place full of lovely pieces. The designs are all available in our showroom. You can visit us anytime or you can drop us a message for a faster transaction. We are ready to have you onboard and we are excited to be working with you because we know that you deserve not only the best but the most beautiful in the area. Your home is your chill spot and you will love it even more. 

Luxury Antonovich Home KA Furniture
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