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Interesting Designer Furniture Tips


Interior is an important component of the appearance of any apartment or house. To make furniture to be not only functional, but also create comfort, you need to know how to choose it. Luxury Antonovich Home is ready to share the secrets of creating a harmonious atmosphere in the house.


Any house owner wants guests to be enthusiastic about the interior and unusual design approaches. But how to choose furniture for the house, so that it is fully consistent with the style and tastes of the inhabitants of the apartment? It is with the choice of furniture that the most difficulties are associated. Choosing the right furniture means choosing the options that will:

— organically look in the interior and create coziness;

— functional;

— be proper for every inhabitant of the apartment.



Each of these requirements is equally important. For example, for a competent choice of furniture for the living room, you need to decide what the living room is for, to determine its main and additional functions. It will directly depend on which furniture to choose for this place. The living room, designed for watching TV with the family in the evenings or just relax in silence, sitting down with a book in a comfortable armchair will have its own set of furniture — sofas, armchairs, pouffes. If you want to equip a living room where fun companies and friendly parties will gather, then the set of furniture will be different, taking into account the purpose of the room — with a large number of seats, an area for conversations and tea drinking. Additionally, in the family living room you can arrange a dining area with a table and cozy chairs with soft upholstery by Luxury Antonovich Home.


The purpose of the room will determine its zoning. First of all, you need to determine the main place in the living room. For example, it can be a home theater or a large plasma panel. It is on this zone that all attention will be directed. In this case, in front of the TV you will need to put a large sofa and chairs, a coffee table. The rest of the area (dining, work, leisure, etc.) should not be overloaded. Furniture in these areas should not attract too much attention. First of all, you need to choose upholstered furniture (armchairs, a sofa), a coffee table, a bookcase or a showcase for decor items, collections, etc.


In the modern world, a living room can perform several functions at once, so each zone needs its own furniture set. The only requirement is that all furniture should be combined in color and style. The appearance of the furniture should correspond to the general atmosphere of the room. You can choose based on personal ideas about comfort and coziness and, of course, on fashion trends.


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