Interior Design Tips From the Famous Interior Designer Katrina Antonovich

The futuristic vision from the world’s top interior designer

Being the world’s most luxurious interior designer, Katrina Antonovich is continuously discovering new design innovations that will be able to level up every luxurious project that the Luxury Antonovich Design Team is handling international. Katrina Antonovich has the greatest vision of delivering the most luxurious and futuristic design for every project. In this regard, Katrina Antonovich has opened different design opportunities not only for her company but with every client and property that the Luxury Antonovich design is executing. Indeed, her impact on the field of architecture and interior design is very profound. Her talent and artistic capabilities are gifted to the fact that she is running her self-owned multinational company – Luxury Antonovich Design situated in Dubai UAE. Her business ventures have continuously gained international accomplishments through every successfully implemented project in different prime locations in the world. To be able to manage international transactions and project developments, Katrina Antonovich has operating different offices branches of Luxury Antonovich Design which are currently located and continuously operating in Astana Kazakhstan, and Miami Florida USA.

Indeed being an artist is naturally running in her blood, and as she aims to provide the best luxurious services and complete design implementations towards every project that her company – Luxury Antonovich Design executes, Katrina Antonovich has been also introduced her signature luxury furniture line collection – the KA Brand. She has decided to open her prestigious design in the public as she has started to operate her own luxury furniture showroom in Dubai – Luxury Antonovich Home. Aside from her signature luxury collections – KA brand, Luxury Antonovich Home is also showcasing the widest furniture and decorative materials which are being used to accomplish every prestigious project either it is a residential, commercial, hospitality, and industrial property. Luxury Antonovich Home is also recognized as the biggest luxury furniture showroom in Dubai, as it features different luxury brands, Italian furniture, and masterpieces from Turkey. Aside from being the authorized supplier of the mentioned furniture artworks, Luxury Antonovich Design has its own manufacturing and factory for furniture and the complete decoration needed in every project.

If you were to ask the most famous interior designer about the interior design tips, it is to select the most expert interior design and architecture team that will be able to deliver the exact design requirement that you need. Wherein they will be able to bring out the best property or your dream home come true. And with Luxury Antonovich Design, the most desirable project design will not be just perfectly accomplished but also able to experience the complete hassle-free and cost-efficiency. As the Luxury Antonovich Design will bring out the best luxury design according to the exact requirements from A to Z. Another futuristic vision that Katrina Antonovich has introduced is being able to supply all types of prestigious furniture and decorations all over the world as her complete signature furniture collections are available for online shopping internationally at its very own website. Katrina Antonovich Assures to have the most expert logistic team that will manage every export and import transactions following global standards.


Luxury Antonovich Home KA Furniture
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