Latest news about the best designer of the year – Katrina Antonovich

Exclusive design creations of Katrina Antonovich

Being an artist is naturally running on her blood as she inherited her creative mind and powerful design inspirations on her ancestral which has been running the architecture, engineering, and interior design international over many decades already. As she accomplished the highest degree in architecture and interior design in the world’s prime institutions, Katrina Antonovich has started to build her own business empire that contributes to the highest standards in the world of architecture and interior design industry. Her exceptional works have been continuously being recognized globally as she has been specializing the design implementations and architectural works for luxury projects such as Palaces, Luxury Hotels, Royal villas, Elite properties, Government offices, Luxury homes, Arabian villas, mosque, world-class commercial establishments, and industrial projects.

Katrina Antonovich is the top interior designer in the world that owns the most prestigious company in the world situated in Dubai – UAE, “Luxury Antonovich Design” As the best designer, Katrina Antonovich assures that she hires only the best and expert team that will be developing international projects with full of creativity and passion for excellence. Every now and then, Luxury Antonovich Design has been patronized by elite personalities, VIPs, royal families, world top leaders, businessmen, and international investors developing their properties all around the world. Either it is a residential, commercial, hospitality, or industrial project, Luxury Antonovich Design will surely perform the highest standards and quality of work that will exceed every client’s expectation.

As the top interior designer in the world, Katrina Antonovich has continuously created noise internationally either it is in social media platforms, newspapers, magazines, and different network sites, wherein her different masterpieces and artworks are being featured. Katrina Antonovich has also recently introduced to the international market her signature luxury pieces which have personally designed by her and being showcased at Dubai’s biggest luxury furniture store – Luxury Antonovich Home, featuring the “KA Brand”. All the collections are available thru online shopping, wherein, no matter where you are in the world you can absolutely have Katrina Antonovich’s wonderful pieces.

At Luxury Antonovich Home, everyone can enjoy the widest collection of different prestigious signature brands from Turkey and Italy, as the Luxury Antonovich Home is the authorized supplier of all types of luxury furniture, decorations, and complete project materials. Indeed, Katrina Antonovich is the woman of the era, as being the top interior designer in the world had pushed her to continue being inspired creating different exclusive project designs that will contribute the highest standards and quality in the global industry of architecture and interior design.

Luxury Antonovich Home KA Furniture
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