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Luxury Interior Design UAE

Royal Style Interior Design Implementations UAE

This Project has been completely composed of the most glamorous and elegant architectural and interior design which has been performed by the KA Furniture Showroom Dubai’s in-house professional Architects, Engineers, and Interior designers. KA Furniture Showroom Dubai along with the Luxury Antonovich Design Company has been always the first choice of the local and international clients and investors when it comes to developing a Royal Style Project Design as well as an extremely luxurious interior design project.

This Luxurious Project has the most glamorous interior design setting and creative architectural design which has been performed with art and inspirational design. With a great combination of luxurious furniture design arrangement we have perform an extremely amazing gypsum and walls design all the way to the ceiling and its chandeliers with perfect forms of lighting extended to the very elegant flooring design. Selecting the most attractive and luxurious furniture design is what makes it extra glamorous and attractive. We have selected a perfect lighting design and the chandelier style that will bring out the perfect cosiness and a right blend of brightness.

The main feature of this project is the home theatre design and the Bar Room. We have created an extra ordinary interior design on its Home theatre as we have installed advanced technologies to operate the full home theatre feature as it is also connected with the smart home system. We have created it as a sound proof which is very rare and expensive technology. The Bar room has also a sound proof system, a perfect combination of Led and laser lights that creates the most amazing atmosphere.

Luxury Antonovich Home KA Furniture
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