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Luxury Kitchen Arrangement And Fashionable Furniture Style


Can you name the room, without which it would be impossible to have a lovely and comfortable house? Yes, without a kitchen. It is believed to be one of the most cozy places in every home. Many factors contribute to this: from the appetizing smell of homemade food to the relaxed atmosphere of comfort. In modern kitchens, it is difficult to underestimate the importance of furniture. It is in this room that one cannot do without durable and functional storage systems, convenient and practical headsets, comfortable upholstered furniture, beautiful shelves and other things. For each of them, you should choose the right furniture for the kitchen: functional, durable, suitable for a stylistic solution.

Katrina Antonovich And Her Fresh Kitchen Furniture Collection

Collection of revolutionary kitchen models by KA Furniture brand is the result of our own research and development in the field of ergonomics, design and technology. Luxury Antonovich Home — when everything is at hand, but nothing superfluous in sight. Leave all the wires, kettle, toaster, knives and boards in a visible place in the past — in one motion you can hide everything that can violate harmony, and at the same time — one movement and all equipment is again available for use and is already connected.

In our catalog of kitchen furniture by Luxury Antonovich Home there are kitchens authored by our most talented designers and specialists. Thanks to a powerful production base and cooperation with leading manufacturers of materials, custom-made kitchen by KA Furniture brand meets high quality standards and is quite affordable.


The catalog of kitchens includes many models that will look great in any style of interior design. One of the most popular styles today are: modern, classic and American styles.

  • Modern. Kitchen furniture in modern style is known by functionality, unusual design solutions, conciseness and aesthetic, the use of the latest materials and technologies. This style will help make your kitchen exclusive with the latest technology. A characteristic and most priority feature of modernism is the presence of built-in technology, filling systems, high-tech mechanisms. Such furniture attracts with clear forms, bright, clean colors, and less decor. They are suitable for both spacious rooms and for minimal areas. Such a design of furniture for the kitchen is suitable for modern residents of megalopolises, people who value comfort and novelty.

  • Classic. Solid precious wood, gilding decor, stone counter tops, carved decoration. This is an impeccable option for a spacious city apartment, a luxurious country house, a cottage. For manufacture of classic kitchens we use natural wood, precious fabrics, ceramics, marble.

  • American style is distinguished by coziness and special freedom of space, it can also give your kitchen a special touch of exclusivity. A very important feature of this style is the combination of the kitchen with the living room or the guest room, which makes it possible to increase the space of the kitchen.

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