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Luxury Wooden Doors in Dubai


Luxury interiors, classical door Dubai, and modern door Dubai; these are just some of what Luxury Antonovich Home is known for. The Dubai-based company has created thousands of luxury interior designs from different parts of the world. From the United Arab Emirates to Africa, to the United States of America; Luxury Antonovich Home has experience in doing impressive interior designs. But the team does not stop there. The company is also known for creating classical and modern doors that would make you want to order more. The Luxury Antonovich Home team has mastered the art and craft of luxury doors and we always make sure that the details are on point and spot on. No doors would be left ugly with Luxury Antonovich Home. Its interiors Dubai experience has made them an industry leader in the world of interior design and door creation. We have gathered the best of the best in interior and door creations and we are confident that we can give you the best designs for your family. 

Luxury Antonovich Home has creators that are unique in their style. In this article, you will see some inspirations and ideas for your next door. We have gathered the best-wooded doors for your home and we made sure that the designs are all beautiful and luxurious. Here are some of them and hopefully you will get inspired by our designs:

For this first wooden door Dubai design, the glass plays a huge role. From the overall patterns to the embossed material on top; you will absolutely feel special with this stunningly crafted wooden door. Aside from it, the design is also well-crafted and the interior is well designed.

For the second door that the team of Luxury Antonovich Home has created, the width is smaller compared to others but this dark wooden door is still a beautiful one. The simplicity of it helps the overall interior design standout. Its strong color is also beautiful to add.

Who wants a door that complement the interior design? If you are into it; then this Luxury Antonovich Home door is the right choice for you. The colors and the details are all the same with the interior design and you would want to have this wooden door if you want to have a uniform interior design.

Lastly, this white wooden door is a good take in the mix of dark brown and white. The beautiful Luxury Antonovich Home door is a creation of the best designers of the company. Its tall accents and the shape of the door is a good addition if you want a unique wooden door. The company offers so many wooden doors that you can choose from.

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