Magnificent Designer Interior

How to decorate a Magnificent Designer Interior?

To achieve your dream home come true was indeed a priceless treat. This is another example of a completely successful project design implementation that achieved the most desired magnificent designer interior. Most of the ideas and points that have been executed are base on the owner’s personal selections and points. Luxury Antonovich design always providing a big consideration with every client’s personal choices and design ideas to be able to perform an extra glam and magnificent designer interior set up. What we do, is to provide the most professional interior design advice and consultations to be able to perform the most accurate design that will perfectly match the full interior design set up. The Luxury Antonovich Home team is guiding every client by providing full designer interior services.

It has been a great advantage in completing these full magnificent designer interior set for the team that the Luxury Antonovich Home has its own manufacturing and factory for the full furniture and decoration needs to complete this magnificent designer interior setting. From the Luxury Antonovich home widest selection of magnificent furniture design, the opener has been selected as the best furniture design that is very well suitable to their taste and most especially with the budget. We have been extended out creativity towards in performing a stylish stroke of design in every wall decorations by installing a very luxurious wall paneling lighting and accessories. This magnificent designer interior indeed has a very luxurious style as we have installed an artistic lighting and chandelier arrangement, most of it is custom made makes it more magnificent and classy.

The indoor swimming pool is one of the greatest design features in this magnificent designer interior as we have been arranged an exclusive style on its full interior design arrangement. From the best selection of the pool design, tiles materials and colors, Jacuzzi and most importantly the magical ceiling design with an optical illusion of sky with a day time and night mode.

Luxury Antonovich Home KA Furniture
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