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Professional Joinery Workshop in Dubai


Wooden structures, joinery products, wood furniture and home furnishings fill every home with warmth, coziness and comfort. Despite the emergence of new finishing and building materials, until today natural wood has not lost its relevance and is actively used in interior designs and household items.

Katrina Antonovich

Luxury Antonovich Home joinery workshop offers the manufacture of stairs, structures, custom-made wooden furniture, turned interior and decor items, and also performs other joinery work on wood and metal. Our masters have extensive experience and expertise in the field of joinery services. They will please the customers of our joinery workshop with the wide possibilities of using lathes and manual labor, introducing classical methods of wood processing and modern technologies. Joinery made of selected solid wood will not only become an environmentally friendly basis for high-quality, modern wooden furniture and home decoration, but will also last for many years without losing properties.



Our workshop in Dubai works with a wide range of coniferous and deciduous wood materials, hard and soft species — ash, oak, pine, beech, cherry, rosewood, mahogany. Joinery purchase (doors, windows, stairs, furniture) is an important process, however, it should be understood that the competent installation of wood products is the key to their long service life and functionality. Our experts have very extensive experience in installing absolutely any door leafs, wooden stairs, wooden windows and are capable of assembling the product in a wide variety of rooms in short time.



Each house has wooden furniture, regardless of the chosen style and design, it always plays one of the main roles. Our joinery workshop produces natural wooden counter tops, kitchens, cabinet furniture for the bedroom, living room, nursery, hallway according to the selected sketch or the wishes of the client. If you want to decorate your home with the best natural material like wood, then Luxury Antonovich Home Company will help you with this. The teams of true experts in their field will perfectly cope with any of the tasks that you offer them, whether it is the manufacture of wooden doors and windows, the installation of wooden floors or the sheathing of walls with wooden panels. For each position, the maximum number of offers was selected, from which you can choose the right one, focusing on your taste and budget.


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