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The last, but no less the main stage of a stylish and high-quality fit-out is the purchase of furniture. In order for all the interior elements to look harmonious and create a single picture, Luxury Antonovich Home designers have to carefully select every detail. Sets of upholstered furniture of our own production are called upon to simplify this selection process.

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Traditionally, a set of upholstered furniture consists of a sofa and armchairs. This set is considered optimal for a comfortable time spending the average family. There is a place for everyone. And you can place this headset in a room of a small area. Sets of upholstered furniture are best suited for the living room or lounge. If the size of the room allows, then chairs and pouffes are selected for the sofa.


In order to satisfy the needs of more consumers, our furniture factory produces all kinds of furniture elements in one design. When choosing furniture, pay attention to the layout options for hosting a large company:

— a sofa with chairs (which can be both with a transformation mechanism, and without it);

— two sofas (they can be placed both side by side, opposite each other. In addition, you can combine double and triple variations of one sofa model);

— a sofa and a chair can be successfully supplemented with soft poufs. It is convenient to put legs on it or just sit like on a stool;

— an angular sofa is supplemented with a direct, armchairs or an ottoman.

Sofa Set Dubai

Not only design is important, but also functionality. The number of combinations is limited only by your imagination. In Luxury Antonovich Home showroom you can buy a sofa set, which our designer will create for your size. To lengthen, shorten, add more pillows, or even make a corner sofa from a wing sofa with armrests for real craftsmen of our company is not difficult.

Designer Sofa Collection by Katrina Antonovich

In the Luxury Antonovich Home catalog there are excellent models of upholstered furniture in different stylistic directions: sofas or armchairs as a set. We offer a large selection of poufs, sofas, armchairs of our own exclusive production, as well as from the best Italian manufacturers. Different types of sofas can be included in upholstered furniture sets: double, triple or multi-seat, angular or linear, folding with different transformation mechanisms or stationary. You can also pay attention to different options for upholstery sofas — fabric or leather.

Elegant Sofa Set by Katrina Antonovich

If you decide to buy modern upholstered furniture — beautiful sofa sets, then you should decide on the main parameters in order to satisfy your need as much as possible. You can stay with the option of a sofa or a sofa complemented with one or two armchairs. Dimensions and sizes should be selected thoughtfully. You should not buy bulky furniture in a small room, as this will significantly reduce the free space and will not bring the desired effect. If you cannot decide which set of upholstered furniture is better to purchase, our specialists are always happy to advise you on this issue.

Modern Sofa Set by Katrina Antonovich

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