Bathroom Furniture

It was always exciting to execute the design for every Bathroom Area with an exceptional set of Furniture. The Luxury Antonovich Home is the direct supplier of the complete Sanitary materials and full Bathroom furniture as it has its own Factory that manufactures the complete sanitary requirement. The Luxury Antonovich Home is showcasing the importance of having the premium class quality selection for every bathroom. It has the full set of the collection which provides the complete choices for every client to have the most appropriate material that suits to every bathroom Design and concept.

The Luxury Antonovich Home is also the direct Manufacturer of Bathroom tiles, Mosaic, Marbles and other sanitary materials that will complete every bathroom. Selecting the correct accessories for every bathroom was also very important as it should be matched with the entire design of the bathroom. The luxury Antonovich Home is giving a chance for every client to have a very wide variety and design for the Bathtubs, Jacuzzi and even for sauna bath materials. The Luxury Antonovich Home has a Special Team who is doing the special cut for the Marbles, Tiles, and Waterjet for every bathroom to achieve a very stylish and accurate design. For the Mosaic Design, the skilled team will be doing the perfect assemble for the very creative and artistic work of art. There will be a Propper installation and fixing for every Bathroom Materials and Luxury Antonovich Home Team will perfectly do it accordingly.