Bedroom Furniture


Royally luxurious, elite and exclusive bedrooms from Luxury Antonovich Design personify the success and impeccable taste of their respective owners. Premium class furniture is the same status attribute as a luxury penthouse or expensive car. By purchasing the world's best-made bedroom, their owner will definitely become a member of high society, to which real interior art is available. Showroom of Luxury Antonovich Design proudly presents you a wide selection of bedroom furniture from manufacturers whose excellence is recognized worldwide. Gorgeous designer bedroom furniture is luxury beds, wardrobes, bedside tables and other exquisite accessories. A wonderful collection of fashionable creativity, refined taste, original storage systems and much more you can easily find in our showroom.

One of the main qualities of true high-quality furniture are the materials used in its production. If it comes to furniture for bedrooms from Luxury Antonovich Design, then it is a question of the impeccable quality of raw materials and the most reliable fittings. Luxury bedrooms require luxury materials. Valuable breeds of a natural wood in combination with experience and skill of our furniture makers allow creating magnificent compositions in the most different directions of design.


Each collection of bedroom furniture in Luxury Antonovich Design showroom is the result of the joint work of talented designers, polishing masters, toners, assemblers, skilled upholsterers, and masters of decoration (wood carvers, gilding and silvering specialists, intarsia and marquetry, drapes). Classic bedrooms by Luxury Antonovich Design are refined headsets with carvings and overlays, which are decorated with headboards, cornices, legs and facades of compositions. In our furniture manufacture the best textiles and high-quality genuine leather are widely used. The exterior design of the furniture compositions is protected by the best paintwork. This furniture is created for those who strive to live surrounded by exquisite and sophisticated interior items:

— Beds;

— Dressing tables;

— Dressers;

— Puffs;

— Banquettes;

— Ottomans;

— Consoles;

— Shelves and modules for storage;

— Bedroom closets;

— Headboards for beds.

Ordering designer furniture Luxury Antonovich Design Company, you get a high-quality interior, thanks to which living in your house will be filled with special meaning and comfortable sensations. When ordering designer furniture, you can expect that it will be created taking into account ergonomic indicators, its location in the room will be optimal, and color solutions and decorative components will allow you to create a harmonious and very pleasant visual style. Supporting the initiative to meet the requirements of our client, we have developed a unique offer for you: premium-class bedrooms, which can be made to order according to the requirements of your interior.