Dining Room Furniture


Dining room is a special place in the house. This is where the whole family gathers for breakfast or dinner. In creating a cozy atmosphere, one of the main roles is played by furniture. A set of furniture for the dining room should be elegant and functional. Luxury Antonovich Design is a territory of perfect taste. Here come those who want to create a refined interior. Dining options from Luxury Antonovich Design today are the benchmark of the highest quality and beauty. Creative thinking of designers, the use of the latest fashion trends allowed our furniture showroom to conquer the whole world.

Furniture for dining rooms from Luxury Antonovich Design is made with the use of precious woods, high-quality leather, stainless steel, bronze, ceramics, silver and gilding, characteristic of the elite style.

Furniture for dining rooms from the best manufacturers are designed for lovers of classic and modern, baroque and minimalist style. Cabinets, showcases, tables, chairs and soft corners are incredibly beautiful and compact, which saves space in the room and organizes an elegant interior design. Selected woods, natural leather, glass, metal and decorative coating give dining room furniture from Luxury Antonovich Design a touch of refinement and chic charm.


The equipment of the main room of the house in which households gather and where the table for guests is located is a creative task and not easy at the same time, because it is important to guess with the style of the headset, the number of functional items and the quality of performance. Luxury furniture is an indicator of your status and good taste. 

The interior of the dining room is one of the main components of the whole house. The elite table will be the center of the whole composition, and the chairs will be the perfect complement. Dining room furniture by Luxury Antonovich Design meets the highest requirements — it is practical, durable, captivates with a variety of design solutions and styles from baroque to high-tech. The classics are notable for their sophistication and chic decoration, while the modern is characterized by practical minimalism and a variety of colors. Upholstered furniture for the dining room will delight a variety of fabrics and leather.

You will find the perfect set of dining room furniture combining all qualities and matching individual search parameters in our showroom:

— Dining room set;

— Dining table;

— Coffee table;

— Chairs (table chairs, bar stools);

— Armchairs;

— Bar counters;

— Chest of drawers;

— Shelves;

— Sideboards.

The designer dining room furniture, presented in our Luxury Antonovich Design showroom, is produced by the best professional masters, and is often assembled by hand, which ensures the unique quality and durability of the service. Unique comfort and hospitable atmosphere in which the whole family can gather will be provided by pleasant colors, well-thought-out design that distinguishes all designer dining room. The interior of the dining room is ideal for holiday parties with numerous guests, and for daily meals.