If you are an adherent of rigor and conciseness in design, then the classic style is the best design option for your dressing room. At all times, the classic is relevant, practical and beautiful. Making to order a dressing room in classic style in our professional company Luxury Antonovich Home, you can be sure that it will serve you for many years, not get bored, and you will not even think about changing it to something else.
Such interiors are made in strict colors, either in pure white or with the addition of various shades. As a decoration, our designers of Luxury Antonovich Home use various elements taken from architecture. Columns and pilasters adorn the vertical partitions of the wardrobes, giving the whole structure solidity and weight. Eaves and plinths, especially if they are made of natural wood, also give the dressing room a taste of classic style. The facades are framed with a panel — in cross section it is a frame of any shape: semi-circular or convex, acute-angled or rectangular, concave or alternating. The panel can be used in combination with other materials, such as leather, veneer of a different texture, or a different color. Forged, bronze or brass elements with inserts made of ceramic, ivory or precious stones are used as accessories for dressing rooms by Luxury Antonovich Home.


Do not forget about the classics of lighting: muted, with beautiful decorative lamps and elegant crystal chandeliers. You can highlight each hanger, shelf, cabinet with glass facades. Typically, under the classic wardrobe rooms allocate spacious rooms to make maximum use of the functional component. In our dressing rooms there are always shelves for storing shoes, on open rails or inclined shelves with a lock. It is very convenient to have an island in the center of the room with many drawers for storing small items.
When making a classic dressing room from Luxury Antonovich Home, our talented designers and artisans use expensive quality materials, MDF, veneer, natural precious wood. The assembly is carried out super-quality on an eccentric coupler to conceal the fasteners. Such a dressing room will emphasize the status of the house owner. Luxury Antonovich Home is ready to offer you a huge selection of high-quality solid wood material of expensive species, MDF, painted or veneered with natural wood. Our company is not the first year of the market of wardrobe rooms, and suits each client individually. Each apartment has a unique interior, style and size. When you contact us, the company's customers are guaranteed to receive a unique and individual design of the dressing room.