The Luxury Antonovich Home is the Lighting and Chandelier Specialist and Manufacturer of the most prestigious and fine Lightings from the most Luxurious selections up the budgetary brands which will sure suits to every House Design and Concept. For every unique piece that every client desires, we provide a customized Chandelier with special lighting effects. It doesn’t Mater how Long or rare the materials of the chandelier will be made up, The Luxury Antonovich Design can provide any size from 5 meters up to 12 meters long. We Provide the best quality from all sorts of Concept either it is Classic or Modern style Chandelier and Lightings.

The Luxury Antonovich Home has the most extensive collections of Products in the widest variety. With the lineup of the professional Designers and Consultant, The Luxury Antonovich Home with a great vision of commitment to excellence will sure meet the customers great satisfaction with a spirit of innovation.

At Luxury Antonovich Home, we ensure to provide the Highest Standards of Lighting and Chandelier Solutions with Great Services. We professionally handling every Client requirement with the great value and flawless execution towards every work. Our Trading always focused on the perfection of Lighting Practices and Principles.

Since the Luxury Antonovich Home is the main Manufacturer itself for the Complete Lighting Solution, it offers the full range & quality products for the following segments:

  • Full Interior Lightings
  • Walls Lightings, Lamps, Decorative Light Stand
  • Customized Lightings and Chandeliers
  • Decorative Lighting Fixtures and Chandeliers
  • Fiber Optic & LED Lighting
  • Complete Outdoor Lightings solution, (Landscape, Swimming Pool and Exterior)


With our Skilled and Professional Team, The Luxury Antonovich Home is Providing the Full lighting and Chandelier Solutions for Every Home. We do the complete services from the smooth delivery up the installation and light fixing. The Luxury Antonovich Home will guaranty your hassle-free experience in every lighting and Chandelier purchase as we provide the most effective and professional operation. Nothing can be livelier and satisfying than lightened up your home with the perfect Glam and Style. In this Modern world of living, we are currently experiencing different kinds of lightings that we are usually encountered in our daily life.