The Majlis Area is one of the Main Part of every house. This is the place wherein the family, friends and guest are staying for a long period of time and enjoy. That is why the Majlis is always requiring a spacious area as well as having the most comfortable set of furniture and nice arrangements of Decoration. In Luxury Antonovich Home every owner of the house will be having the perfect partner in designing and decorating the majlis area, as it has a very wide variety of selections for the best furniture’s. The Luxury Antonovich Home has the best line up of selection of Furnitures in the most premium quality as it has its own Factory in Turkey and Italy.

When we say Majlis Area, the first thing that will catch your eye as you enter in this room will be the Sitting / Sofa set. The Luxury Antonovich Home is Presenting a wide variety of Sitting/ Sofa Set Design in the most comfortable and eye pleasing design. It was indeed very important to select the most comfortable Sitting/ sofa Set as the family, Friends and Guest is usually spending a long time in this area. Every sitting/ Sofa Set that The Luxury Antonovich Home is Providing is made up of Premium class materials with the best quality as all of the collection is coming directly from its own Factory in Turkey and Italy. The Luxury Antonovich Home is also offering a Customized Furnitures and very unique sets of design. It is very important to have the special kind of materials in every Sitting/ sofa Set and The Luxury Antonovich home is using all high-end materials from fabrics, leather and pillows materials. In Luxury Antonovich Home every one will be experiencing and having a chance to purchase from the selection of every Branded selections.

The Luxury Antonovich Home was indeed a one stop shop for the complete home requirements, from Accessories, Sitting, Carpets, Curtains, Joinery works and full Majlis area furniture’s and Design.