Wall Paneling Design and Execution

The Luxury Antonovich Home is Proudly Presenting our Elegantly Designed Showroom which features a Wide Variety Selection and Out of these world Collections for Wall paneling with complete wall accessories and wall lightings. With our Genius capacity in designing technique, we have done combining every decorative material in the most premium class to achieve perfection in every Wall Paneling Design. The Luxury Antonovich Home welcome everyone to experience an out of these world Wall Design and Decoration to enhance every client home and deliver the Luxurious design. We believe in the power of beauty of every wall that brings out the perfection in every interior of the house.

Wall Paneling Installation and Fixing

The Luxury Antonovich Home has a Special Team who is responsible and skilled when it comes to Wall Paneling Material Scope. From every piece and part of every Wall panel, Propper handling procedures up the Fixing and Installation to the main walling. The Luxury Antonovich Home is introducing this wonderful idea of wall paneling decoration to transform every home in a WOW overall design. Instead of having a plain painted wall we are promoting a very unique variety of Wall paneling design in our Showroom. Our Professional team can provide different services to bring out the best design for every home such as different creation of Marble Walls, Wonderful combination of Wallpapers, Installation of metallic materials, installation of wall lightings and all another wall decorative design and materials. Our Team is doing a special cutting technique to achieve the perfect shape and cut to complete the full wall paneling design. The Luxury Antonovich Home also Doing a special wall painting as we have an in house painter which is very professional and specialized for the Wall painting techniques and executions.

List of Services for the Wall panels of Your Home

  • Great Selections of Marble materials for walls
  • The use of Metallic Materials to enhance every Wall Paneling Design
  • Installation of Decorative Wall Lightings
  • Professional Wall Painting Service
  • Wall paneling special cutting for the wood, marbles and decorative materials