Smart Interior Design UAE

Classy and Trendy Interior Design UAE

Luxury Antonovich Home has been considered this smart interior design UAE as a great compilation of Modern interior design set up and the use of the latest technologies that creates a very unique and trendy style in the entire interior set up. The Luxury Antonovich Home Team has been done executes special attention in every design detailed that completes the full interior setting. What makes it considered as the best example of a smart interior design UAE is its natural elegance that comes from the geometrical design arrangement such as every decoration that is visible all throughout the full interior design creations.

Luxury Antonovich Home is proudly presenting these wonderful creations as it has been well executed with great implementations of the home systems that enhance the modern style of this project. This smart interior design UAE with a smart home system is outstandingly time-saving, safety, and absolute comfort for the owner. We build houses with great technologies that represent the future lifestyle. To achieve the smart interior design UAE, we have implemented the home automation that has the ability to control different features and appliances all around the house from the window shades, security systems, lighting, CCTV cameras, sound systems, gate and doors control from one click or a voice command. The smart home system can be connected with your mobile, iPad, android tablets and PC. Luxury Antonovich Home offers not just a wide range of smart home products; we perform the full services to deliver it on a turnkey basis to achieve the smart interior design UAE that the owner desires.

Aside from the smart home system, what makes this project considers as the smart interior design UAE is its high definition of interior styling and set up, the way we have been creative organized and arranged the full setting. As we greatly combined the points and requirements from the client and the smart professional ideas from our team, we have been successfully performing an outstanding interior design set up. This smart interior design UAE has been completed with a very nice presentation of the greatest design features such as the fine indoor waterfall, elegantly designed fireplace, Luxurious ceiling design with magnificent lighting and chandelier arrangement and most especially a very classy set of wall paneling that represents areal greatness of uniqueness and style.

Luxury Antonovich Home KA Furniture
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