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Stylish Ways To Use Dressers In Your Interior


Dressers are a very stylish and practical piece of furniture that can easily fit into interior of any room: from the hallway to the bathroom. It takes up little space due to its compactness, but at the same time it will decorate it and make it original, and it will also contain a lot of useful and necessary things at hand. And if necessary, even replace a wardrobe (in a small square, for example). Therefore, to buy an original chest of drawers from KA Furniture in our time is a need and comfort than an ordinary whim to make your interior better and more attractive.

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Stylish accent for the bedroom

Often a dresser paired with a mirror replaces a dressing table in your bedroom, as it can accommodate much more things. An original solution is to order your unique design. For example, to cover the facade with textiles presented in your interior, or buy a model with motifs repeating in the room. If you want to buy a chest of drawers for your bedroom for two, it is better to choose a model with drawers in two rows by Luxury Antonovich Home. Sometimes small models of dressers are put instead of bedside tables. And if with this arrangement you still have to use hanging modules above the bed, then it will be located in a very cozy niche, which will create additional comfort. Dressers in the bedroom — this is the best solution for storing your belongings. Therefore, do not hesitate, but decide to buy a stylish chest of drawers for this space in our showroom or online store.

Modern storage space in the bathroom

A great idea is to abandon stereotypical shelves and buy a designer dresser for the bathroom. Indeed, in this room there are also many items that need to be stored somewhere:

  • cosmetics;
  • household chemicals;
  • electrical appliances;
  • towels.

By placing a mirror and proper lighting over the chest of drawers, you will also create an ideal place for applying makeup. In our showroom you can buy a chest of drawers, which will become a real highlight in the house. Among the proposed options, you will surely find that instance that will conquer you and become that very missing detail that will make the interior full.

Such cabinets allow you to store many things, while not cluttering up space:

  • underwear;
  • kids’ clothes;
  • bed linen and towels;
  • accessories for outerwear: hats, scarves, gloves;
  • cosmetics and jewelry.


Dresser as a living room decoration

In the living room, this attribute of furniture is also indispensable, so do not think for a long time, you just need to buy a modern chest of drawers from KA Furniture brand. After all, it is used as a stand for a multimedia system with the necessary storage space, as a coffee table or as a separate element of the interior. At will, you can order decoration of a surface of a dresser with stylish accessories or organize a bar on it.

Previously, chests of drawers were considered an elite piece of furniture, they were made only by well-known artisans and only for wealthy houses. Today you can easily buy a chest of drawers in Luxury Antonovich Home online store. Our designer chest of drawers adds uniqueness and originality to each space. And with our furniture store, the choice will be much easier. If you cannot decide which option is best for your interior, you can consult with our managers who know how to create the most stylish interior designs with our assortment.

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