The Greatest Show of Innovations, Architecture and Design: Expo 2020 Dubai


The United Arab Emirates has always been famous for its luxurious and welcoming hospitality. This is the only country in the Middle East that, despite its religious views and the observance of the framework of culture in society, has allowed all guests to feel comfortable inside the country, without limiting their possibilities. The great Expo 2020 is one of the largest design events in the Middle East region, which takes place in Dubai, and gives us the opportunity to demonstrate our hospitality. From October 20, 2020 to April 10, 2021, all visitors of the Emirates will be able to enjoy the opportunities of the future, which can be seen in the pavilions representing the countries of the world.

Katrina Antonovich

Dubai World Expo is held under the slogan “Connecting Minds, Creating the Future.” Among the main topics of the forum: Mobility, Sustainability and Opportunities. The venue for World Expo 2020 is a new district called District 2020 with an area of 483 hectares specially designed for the exhibition. The innovative city is striking in its ultra modernity: 5G, solar panels, electric cars and other cool technologies.

Katrina Antonovich


The World Expo 2020 complex in Dubai gathered around itself top designers and famous architects. Several world-famous architectural and design companies worked on the project together. This incredible show traditionally gathers the world’s leading architectural and design forces in order to express the latest ideas of world architecture.

The highlight of Expo are the national pavilions. The most interesting architectural solutions, new technologies and interdisciplinary achievements demonstrate the first names of world architecture, today artists and designers are actively connected to them. The design of each is an important event in the career of those who are entrusted with the prestige of the country. Expo 2020 has become the core of innovation for everyone who wants to live in a modern world at the epicenter of the latest solutions and design ideas. 

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