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Top Classical Furniture Showroom Dubai

Classical Furniture Design – Made with Full Luxury and Glam

Classical Furniture Design has been very well known as the most expensive furniture design concept that can be selected for every home that is why most of the clients that are requiring or looking for a Classic Furniture Design are VIP and high-end people international. Even most of our project that is being implemented with Classic furniture’s is Palace, Huge Villas, and other government establishments. Classical Furniture is also classified as a Native Arabian style concept that can be very suitable a very expensive and glamorous Arabic houses.

KA Furniture Showroom Dubai has been recently experiencing the highest demand on the classical furniture concept, Though Classic Furniture is more expensive than the other furniture design concept, Its quality and durability will never be compromised. Classic Furniture is naturally elegant and luxurious as it has been meticulously assembled by selecting all the best quality materials, finest finishing and fabrics used. We combine a great sense of comfort and style in every piece to achieve the best relaxing treat for every client.

Having its own manufacturing and factory has become one of the greatest advantages by KA Furniture Showroom as it has the great capacity to provide different exclusive style, bulk orders as well as customized design and sizes. Most of the VIPs is requesting a customized furniture design to achieve the uniqueness in their interior all throughout. However, with our skillful and talented Production team being led by our in house furniture designers, the full furniture production will surely be successful all the time.

Every masterpiece surely has a special uniqueness as our Chief Designer, Ms Katrina Antonovich is doing very hands on designing and furniture design approval in every work of art before every piece will be released and featured at the showroom. Classic Furniture Design is the best meaning of art and sophistication, and it always deserves a proper arrangement to achieve the perfect balance for the full interior design appearance. 

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