Top-notch interior designer in the Middle East – Katrina Antonovich

High Definition technology kitchen joinery design

As the top interior designer, Katrina Antonovich has a great inspiration in style and performing arts, and with her passion for excellence, she always brings out the best implementations towards every project that the Luxury Antonovich Design executes in the Middle East and all over the world. For over 20 years of international services and expert solutions, Katrina Antonovich has indeed built her empire with a very strong foundation managing her multinational company – Luxury Antonovich Design which has been patronizing by elite personalities, VIP’s, World top leaders, Royal families, businessman and international investors developing their properties in the Middle East and all over the world.

Katrina Antonovich has indeed made her right decision as she has built her own empire that contributes to premium standards in the international industry of Architecture and Interior Design. Being an artist passion for designing is naturally running on her blood as she has inherited the guts in her ancestral which has been also running an international business in Architecture, Interior Design, and engineering. It was very empowering of her as a woman and entrepreneur having a very strong inspiration and vision and preferring the Middle East as the base of her business, as the Luxury Antonovich Design head office is situated at the heart of Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Katrina Antonovich has fallen in love with the people and the countries respect for its tradition and historical architecture. Dubai was indeed the best location for an architectural and interior design business as it has become the center of business and diversity in the Middle East. Different Arab nationalities and countries have been continuously patronizing the Luxury Antonovich Design as one of its expertise is a classical/royal style interior which is very similar to Arabic style.

Bespoke joinery team – Luxury Antonovich Design

One of the major areas of the interior design for residential interiors is the Kitchen. The kitchen usually occupies a huge space in every interior design that always requires very systematic services. Luxury Kitchens in every villa in the Middle East usually have a big kitchen as well. It is very important to do a very meticulous space planning development to be able to perform the proper balance in style and achieve the most functional set up. For the most effective interior design solutions for Kitchen, It is always very important to select the best team that has the full ability to perform exceptional design and expert joinery solutions. Luxury Antonovich Design has its house skilled and professional joinery team that always develops the most luxurious and functional kitchen interior design. Luxury Antonovich Design team is continuously discovering new designs and different advanced technology that will contribute to every project execution that the team is handling. That is why Luxury Antonovich Design has been always the trendsetter when it comes to the latest design features and technologies for every interior.

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