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Top Utensils and Kitchen Furniture for Classic Luxury Homes


Utensils are a top priority when it comes to furniture pieces. It is incorporated to make sure that everyone gets to eat well and have an enjoyable moment with his or her companions or family. With that said, Luxury Antonovich Home has come up with these great ideas to ensure that we are providing the best dining utensils for everyone who wishes to live a luxurious and healthy lifestyle. The designs that we created are all stunning and very luxurious. The colors are superb. The arrangement is amazing. The pairing is fantastic. The dimensions are enough to make you less worry. And the overall design is equivalent to that of royal furniture designs. These utensils will help your home make it even more luxurious and extravagant because of its details and materials. The utilization of the details and materials are surely done right and the magnificence of it is commendable.

Katrina Antonovich - Designer for Custom Utensils

This design is one of the best in our showroom. The royal design in an unusual shape is very unique. It is custom made is created for those with interior designs of luxury, royalty, and extravagance. this design is very meticulous and very unique. It is created by the skilled utensil makers of the company and every bit of it is wonderful. The patterns in the cup and the cup holders are intricate. It is made with keen eyes and the output is definitely above and beyond.

top utensils dubai

Shot glasses are playful and free, but this creation by Luxury Antonovich Home is something unique for your home. The long gold-colored masterpiece has designs that are beautiful and luxurious. The color is fantastic as you can see with its full gold color. It adds value to the table and will surely add more value not juts in your interior design but also your overall home. The decoration is fantastic and the curvings are phenomenal. We love to point out the use of texture in this masterpiece as it gets even more beautiful as you go through it and look at it for a longer time. Luxury Antonovich Home is proud to present this to you and you can see this in our Dubai showroom which is open for you.

White will always have a place in everyone’s heart and this utensil is no exception. Its lovely color paired with gold accents on the side is surely lovable and amazing. The minimalistic look will go well with any color of mats, just like this blue table wrap. The design is very modern and luxurious. Overall, it will definitely up your interior design game and not only that, this will add extra stunningness to your tables and dining area.

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