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Properly selected carpet can become a final element of decor in any stylistic direction, it is beneficial to emphasize the design advantages of your interior. If you want to not only decorate a room, but to give it a unique individual style with notes of luxury, then you should definitely pay attention to exclusive designer carpets. We will show you how your home can be transformed.

Natural carpets are in great demand in the modern flooring market. Carpets made of wool, silk, hides, fur, sisal, bamboo, cashmere, nettle fiber, jute, linen, cotton, viscose, polyester, acrylic, microfiber of different materials jute have unique properties and characteristics. Carpet made from natural materials is an elegant complement to the interior. You can buy a carpet for your house that will be of high quality, beautiful, and exclusive in our specialized interior and furniture showroom or in online KA Furniture store.


Of course, designer carpets in a house are an indicator of homeowner status. What makes these products different? The main 5 characteristics that can answer this question:


Our online furniture and carpet store in Dubai offers a wide selection of luxury carpets, carpet paths, carpets from skins of various shapes. High-quality natural materials and hand-made weaving makes each carpet a unique work of art. Designer carpets of various designs are presented in the form of a chic catalog: round, oval, square, rectangular or embossed; from wool, silk, rayon, cotton, jute, leather, Patchwork; with long, medium or low pile; machine or manual work; style collections from classic to modern.

To determine the best carpet option for your interior, you should evaluate the visual characteristics of the carpet. Light colors can increase the space, large patterns of geometric shapes will also help to increase the volume of the room. To emphasize the beauty of other interior items and furniture, you should choose a solid elite rug.

The assortment of KA Furniture carpet store in Dubai belongs to high-end products, but a significant plus is a particular joy — a wide range of prices allows residents of the UAE, in particular Dubai, to purchase an exclusive, high-quality carpet.

Your choice of a designer or exclusive elite carpet in Dubai will be just perfect if you entrust the creation of an elite interior design to Luxury Antonovich Home specialists: they will create an exclusive interior from scratch that will be a work of art. Contact us right now, and soon you will appreciate the professionalism of our specialists!

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