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Exclusive Lighting and Chandelier Design by Luxury Antonovich Home

Tips and Recommendations in Selecting the Best Lighting Design 

The Luxury Antonovich Home has its very own Manufacturing and Factory for Chandeliers and Lightings. As the Top Furniture showroom in the UAE, it has the top-notch lighting and chandelier designers and production team which all exert when it comes to lighting and chandelier making. 

The Luxury Antnovich Home is very well known over the years in doing customized chandelier and lightings in different exclusive materials, extraordinary size and unique style of finishing. The Luxury Antonovich Home has a very skilled and professional team that is doing the delivery, installation and fixing for every chandelier and lightings purchases. 

It is always very important to consider and prioritize the area where the chandelier or lighting will be placed, this why our interior designers and consultants always recommend doing the proper space planning in every project before starting the full interior design execution. As part of this systematic procedure, it will determine the accurate size of the chandelier and lightings that shall be placed. 

Another important matter to consider is the concept design of the area; the perfect lighting design should be selected according to the concept. Next will be the material that the chandelier and lightings will be made of, Chandelier is usually composed with different glass crystal materials, stylish metallic gold or silver, and other decorative materials. 

The size of the lighting and chandelier always matters! And it is always very important to select a chandelier and lightings with the correct size and its materials. As we know that the chandelier and lighting will bring out the final result of the amazing interior design. Having the perfect lighting will be creating the whole place cozy and attractive. 

The Luxury Antonovich Home has the best solution for any lighting requirement. As it has the widest selection of Chandelier and Lighting which will be very much suitable to every interior design concept. No matter how big or small the chandelier and lighting is required, the KA Furniture showroom Dubai will surely fulfil every clients requirement. On its own showroom itself there is a wide variety of chandelier and lighting selections that every client will surely love. 

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