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Luxury Home Design: Interior Strategies by Katrina Antonovich

Top Interior Designer Katrina Antonovich


Our team is proud to present you an incredibly elegant interior design of a classic estate — a flawlessly completed turnkey fit-out project by Luxury Antonovich Home. This time, our specialists had to deal with a spacious house located in one of the elite areas of Dubai.

Our designers did an excellent job, adhering to their principles of flawless project execution from A to Z. Special attention was paid to the layout of the interior, the location of the functional areas, as well as the delicate fit-out sparkling with luxury. The rich textures of the natural wood from which the flooring of some rooms and part of the furniture is made, as well as accent marble floors and stunningly beautiful chandeliers with crystal lampshades — all exude unrivaled aesthetic appeal.

Best Interior Designer Katrina Antonovich


How we create luxurious home design with details: 

If you like the feeling of satin and smooth flawless textile sliding on your body or the sparkling shine of incredible crystal chandeliers, then you must love luxury and expensive things! Therefore, these interior design tips by Katrina Antonovich are specially for you!

  • Luxurious details in your home — exotic designer furniture and interior details.

To create a stunning and impeccable interior design, Luxury Antonovich Home uses antique and vintage furniture, mirrors, works of art and one-of-a-kind sculptures. Nothing can tell about luxury in the interior better than exotic exclusive furniture and decor items made to order by KA Furniture brand.

Luxury Interior Designer Katrina Antonovich

  • The best textiles for luxury home interiors.

Fabrics are one of the most tangible additions to the home interior, with which our hands, body and soul can come into contact. They bring comfort, beauty, safety, and help create a luxury aesthetic design that creates a special mood in the interior of every room. From cashmere and silk, to luxury handmade textiles — its possibilities are truly endless. With our interior designers you can decide what to fabric choose for window decoration, upholstery for cushioned furniture, accent sofa cushions and carpet, using an individual color scheme of the interior.

Famous Interior Designer Katrina Antonovich

  • Handmade items made just for you.

If you have an empty space above the fireplace that you want to fill with an unusual work of art in the exact color scheme in which your interior is made, or if you need an interesting sculpture for the hallway, then Luxury Antonovich Home artists can easily create exactly what you want. From lighting and furniture, to artwork and sculptures for the exterior, custom-made items specifically for your home can become the basis of luxurious interior details.

Professional Architect Katrina Antonovich

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