Recliner Chairs Dubai


Novelties of the furniture market continue to delight our customers with exclusive designs, unusual color combinations, pleasant, airy furniture shapes. At the same time, the functionality moves to a new level of technology that can satisfy the needs of a business people who spend much time at work. One of these great ideas is the recliner chair. What is it like? What are the benefits? Where can it be accommodated? We devote this article to an interesting and growing variety of unique upholstered furniture.

Recliner Chairs Dubai

The recliner chair is an innovative, high-tech segment of upholstered furniture created for perfect relax with increased comfort. Fast temps of life, production increase, moving to digital technologies, accompanied the introduction of such chairs into reality of our busy lives.


If there is an ideal armchair in the world, then it is a recliner chair. This name bears a special class of furniture created specifically for relaxation. Recliner chair by Luxury Antonovich Home is a unique development that takes comfort to a new level. It has a folding back that gently adapts to the figure of a person sitting in it, as well as a foot board — to make the sitting even more convenient. The recliner chair can have not only a mechanical, but also an electric drive, which makes managing all functions as simple as possible.

Recliner Chairs Dubai

Armchairs can be installed in several positions:

— Standard. The normal operating condition used for reading, when the backrest is perpendicular to the seat, the footrest is retracted;

— TV. Reclining — backrest tilt of about 110 degrees;

— Relax. Lying position — the back is reclined 140-150 degrees, the footrest is raised.

Regulation is carried out mechanically or automatically, using the remote control. The first option involves the use of a lever or the application of physical effort by pressing on the back and armrests. The second option is simpler — this is the use of electrical activation of the provisions by wire or radio remote control. Accordingly, such chairs are more expensive.

Recliner Chairs Dubai

The team of our furniture company Luxury Antonovich Home unites professionals with rich experience and knowledge in ergonomics and interior design. We not only sell certified products from leading manufacturers, but we ourselves are manufacturers of presentable designer furniture and decor.  Our experts and designers are creatively and responsibly approaching their work, are ready to fulfill an individual order of any complexity, taking into account your financial wishes, measurements, arrange delivery and assembly of furniture on site.

Recliner Chairs Dubai

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