Restaurant Furniture

The Luxury Antonovich Home is Composed with the Best Line up of International Professionals when it comes to Interior Designing and Decoration. There will be a different implementation of the design according to every Project, for example, the Interior Design and decoration for every House will be requiring a different development for every Public Properties such as Hotels and restaurants Design. Every Restaurant Interior Design and decoration, the major safety for the guest and Restaurant personnel should always be prioritized. That is why the selection of every Furnitures, Materials, and decoration is very important for every Restaurant.

The Luxury Antonovich Home has a wide variety of Materials, Furniture and Accessory decoration which is very well suitable for every restaurant. Started from the flooring, The Luxury Antonovich Home Team is always suggesting to install a non-slippery flooring material and as well as the best quality material selection for the carpets. Since that the Luxury Antonovich Home has a very professional and skilled team which is doing the special cut for the marbles, tiles, and waterjet, they are also able to give the full necessary advice for the best materials that shall be used in the Restaurant. The Luxury Antonovich Home is providing a worry-free Experience as it was a one-stop shop for the full development and service for every Restaurant Interior Design and Decoration.

The Luxury Antonovich Home has its own Factory and the direct Manufacturer of its own furniture that is why everything was completely unique as it was the major maker of customized furniture. The Luxury Antonovich Home is also tied up with the Signature Brands of Furniture so if ever the client requires it, the Luxury Antonovich home will surely provide the full requirement. Maximizing the Space for every restaurant is one of the very important factors to consider and the Luxury Antonovich Home Interior Consultant will absolutely advise the best furniture for every restaurant which is very suitable on its concept design.